Services & Pricing

New Site Set-up

Based on the increase in the number of clients who wish to maintain and update their own site once it is up and running, RMH Web Design now offers Wordpress set-up services. Wordpress sites come as a theme. Some themes are barebones and others come with more bells and whistles than many businesses will ever need.

Fees to install a Wordpress theme can run anywhere from $450.00 USD for a simple install to $1,000+ for additonal functionality and customization. Most themes can be installed and cusomized within this fee range. The more complicated the theme, the higher the cost.

Installation and customization of the theme does not include the purchase price of the theme. RMH Web Design will only install and customize Responsive themes. A Responsive theme is set up so that a site renders properly on all devices (phones, tablets, laptops, desktops). We will help you with the selection and purchase of your theme.

If you would prefer a standard HTML site or have a different platform in mind, please send an email with your site requirements so we can discuss your pricing options.

Minor updates for a new site developed for you by RMH Web Design (link additions, minor text additions/changes) are done at no additional charge for two months after official launch date. Maintenance after two months will be billed at $45.00 per hour. Major changes (page or site redesign, page additions) after the intial three months will be charged based on the job to be done, a complete site redesign will be charged based on the new site design fees. Prices are subject to change without notice, however the price in affect at the time of your contract will remain the same..

All paid sites include:

  • two (2) months of free maintenance from official launch date*
  • a favorites icon
  • use of your own logo, images and/or custom graphics
  • unlimited text provided electronically
  • upload site files to your host server
  • assistance with domain name registration and choosing a host server

Design prices do not include fees charged by your ISP, hosting fees, domain name registration, additional scripting, software, outside services, images etc. that may be necessary to purchase above and beyond the design. These fees are the responsibility the Client.

A deposit of $75 and a signed contract are required for any work to commence.

Site Maintenance and Site Redesign Services

Even if we did not originally create your site for you, we can help you keep it up to date while you concentrate on running your business. Maintenance rates are $45 per hour, billed to the nearest quarter hour, invoiced monthly.

Complete site redesign services are charged at the same rate of a new site.

Shopping Carts/E-Commerce

Shopping carts offer you the ability to stock your virtual shelves. Not everyone will need this, but for those that do, there are shopping carts that handle everything from forwarding the total transaction amount to a secure payment Gateway, to tax and shipping calculation, product fulfillment, and inventory management, etc. RMH Web Design will add a shopping cart to your site for $45 per hour.